Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4, 2011

Just wanted to drop off these pictures from Wednesday. Julianna had a play date with Joe, for whom she's recently declared her undying love! Hee! They are the cutest little pair ever! He's so shy and sweet and I just hope Julianna doesn't try to boss him around too much. I have visions of her as Rudy and Joe as "Bud" from the Cosby Show. Eek. No, Julianna truly is a little sweetie too. She insisted on wearing this cheerleader dress I bought for her on 70% off clearance. She's a mess!

Beyond precious! There is nothing I love more than little kids holding hands! I just melt!

I just posted this picture to illustrate how much hair this kid really has! See that hair? Well that is just ONE pony tail. She has another one just like that on the other side of her head!!! Seriously, it's nuts.


Sunday, January 30, 2011


I know this is probably starting to get confusing, but now I'm going to skip ahead to last weekend. I will hopefully get back to holiday pictures next. Julianna and I went with Grandmama and Granddaddy to the mountains last weekend. It was REALLY cold, but we had the BEST time!! Jules went sledding for the first time - and LOVED it! I thought for sure she would be scared. She is such a generally cautious child, and I was afraid she might back out all togeher. Shows what I know. She went down the first time with Granddaddy. I took her up the next time and when we got to the top, she said, doing her best teenager impression, "I think I'm going to go by myself this time Mama." I didn't really even know if it was safe for her to go by herself and asked a couple of parents who were sending down little kiddies that looked about J's size. They assured me it was safe, and off she went. She went so fast that just about every time she went down, the hay bales the had at the bottom of the hill had to stop her! She must of gone down 30 times the first day and 20 times the second. Next time we go, I am going to put her in ski school for the first time! I CAN'T WAIT!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Julianna's Birthday!!

My baby is 4 years old!!! How that is even possible, I haven't the slightest. She had the greatest little party at the dance studio where she has taken lessons. So adorable! She really has the nicest little friends and she was on cloud 9.

Julianna and Aaron. Precious.

All the little girls are out dancing, and all the little boys were sitting up against the wall with their moms! It was so funny.

Check out Julianna's little friend Riley. She is the one with the leotard over her clothes. That kid is a hoot!!

Julianna going for a ride on the parachute!

Under the parachute!

Craft time!

Make a wish, sweet girl!

Are you getting the idea that Julianna is into the Smurfs?

With Olivia, one of her best friends from school.